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Local Notice – Outfall Buoy

Mariners are advised that the Littlehampton Outfall Buoy was found to be off station from its charted position and has been recovered to the Harbour. It will be redeployed in the correct position at the next fair weather opportunity. For more information see: Local Notice 19 of 2018 EDIT: Outfall Buoy has now been redeployed to charted position.  

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Local Notice – Wreck Secured Alongside Public Slipway

Mariners are advised of an 11.2m wreck secured alongside the Public Slipway. For more information see:  Local Notice 18 of 2018.

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Local Notice – Wreck Recovery

We are pleased to report that following successful salvage operations last night the wreck at the entrance to the harbour has been recovered and the harbour is open to all traffic once more.  Local Notice 17 of 2018.

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Local Notice – Wreck Between Beacons at Harbour Entrance

MARINERS ARE WARNED of a marked wreck between the Entrance Beacons of Littlehampton Harbour. The wreck is approximately 10 metres to the east of the West Pier Beacon, also known as the Drumhead at the end of the West Works. See the local notice for more information.

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Local Notice – Guidance for Small Craft

Skippers of small craft are directed to the latest guidance on safety while operating in Littlehampton Harbour.

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