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There are a number of mooring providers around the harbour providing both drying and deep water moorings:

Littlehampton Harbour Board operates two sets of annual moorings on the east bank at Pier Road (to the south of the Harbour office – £436.14 per metre per year), Duke’s Wharf (to the North of the Harbour Office, £485.51 per metre per year on the outside and £413.23 per metre per year on the inside).

Visitor moorings are reserved for short stays adjacent to the Harbour Office on Town Quay (click here for more info).

How to join the waiting list for Littlehampton Harbour Board moorings:

1. Complete the mooring application form below
2. Your application will be reviewed. We will add you to the waiting list or discuss any further specifics with you if necessary.
3. Whilst you are waiting for your mooring allocation, keep the harbour office fully informed of any changes to you and your boat’s details
4. If a mooring becomes available, the first person on the list with the appropriate boat type and size will be offered the mooring

View the T&Cs for Littlehampton Harbour Board moorings

Register your vessel for the moorings waiting list here (select ‘Mooring Waiting List’ under Primary Interest)