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Littlehampton Harbour Advisory Body

The Littlehampton Harbour Advisory Body (LHAB) was established in late 2020 as part of the Board’s commitment to improve relations with our stakeholders and ensure that all user groups are given an equal platform in which to voice their views for the betterment of the Harbour. 

The group includes 8 to 16 appointed representatives and aims to meet just before each Board Meeting (but must meet a minimum of twice a year). 

The group’s Chair, Nick Holness, can be contacted at

Minutes of past meetings are available here. Their Terms of Reference can be downloaded here. 

The current appointees (2021 to 2024) for the requisite 8 to 17 user groups are:

  • Littlehampton Harbour Stakeholders Association – Stuart Fairweather
  • Mooring Operators – Mike Ingle
  • Commercial Fishermen – Gary Edwards
  • Charter Vessels, Ferries and Water Taxis – Nick Holness (also LHAB Chair)
  • Littlehampton Jet Ski Club – Chris Headon
  • Marine volunteering organisations – Christopher Alder
  • LHB casual staff – Laura Robinson
  • LHB berth holders – Colin Morris
  • West Sussex County Council – Cllr John Charles
  • Arun District Council – Cllr David Chace
  • Littlehampton Town Council – Cllr Ian Buckland
  • Angmering Park Estate Trust – Alastair Deighton
  • Environment Agency – Uwe Dornbusch
  • Natural England – Angela Marlow
  • RNLI – Jonathan Prater
  • HM Coastguard – Simon Tann
  • Tarmac’s Littlehampton Asphalt Plant – Daniel Mann

Note: Previously to 2020, an informal Harbour Stakeholder Consultation Group met quarterly and was chaired by the board’s Recreational Users Representative.  To see an archive of minutes for this previous group, click here