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Oils Spills and Pollution

Littlehampton Harbour Board are the trained and equipped Tier 1 Oil Spill response agency for Littlehampton Harbour. There is a regional Tier 2 response contractor available on call to deploy larger equipment and teams to more serious spills. View the Littlehampton Oil Spill Contingency Plan 2022 (redacted version).

Please report any fuel, oil or other environmentally damaging spills to the Harbour Office immediately on 01903 721 215.

Once informed please fill out the following:

Pollution Report - Littlehampton Harbour

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • :
  • (by latitude and longitude if possible or state range and bearing from some prominent landmark)
  • Estimated amount of pollution, e.g. litres spilled or number of containers. Please put unknown if unsure.
  • Estimated size (e.g. surface area or length and width) of polluted area (e.g. slick) including dimensions in metres, feet, sq m, sq ft etc
  • Where you were at the time
  • hours after/before high water/low water
  • Put n/a if within harbour
  • (E.g. oil, crude, diesel, packaged bulk chemicals UN number if known, garbage)
  • (E.g. liquids, floating solid, liquid oil etc.)
  • (from vessel or other undertaking)
  • (Apparently deliberate or accidental? If the latter give a brief description. Where possible name, type, size and nationally and Port of Registry or polluting vessel. If vessel underway gives course speed and destination if known).
  • (to be given if the polluter cannot be identified and the spill is considered to be of recent origin)
  • Max. file size: 16 MB.
  • (Describe action taken or others informed)
  • Where's it moving towards and what impact might it have
  • ( E.g. names of other witnesses, references to other instances of pollution)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.