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A retractable footbridge with 3.6m clearance at Mean High Water Springs (MHWS is 5.9m at Littlehampton) and 3.0m clearance at Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT is 6.5m) gives access for vessels under pilotage and masted craft north of the footbridge and to Littlehampton Marina. It is opened by request to the Harbour Office received before 16:30 the previous day (excl. Sundays and Bank Holidays) on 01903 721 215.

Spring tides bring the expectation of commercial shipping visits which for safety reasons require the footbridge to be opened before they commit to enter the harbour or unmoor for departure. During a large shipping move, the footbridge will be retracted from typically 15 mins before high water to 15 mins after high water but this remains subject to various factors which can lead to longer openings and/or delay to subsequent tides. Our small team endeavour to post additional notice of openings here but please note that the bridge may occasionally be retracted with little or no notice for operational reasons. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.