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Help us to look after the harbour’s marine environment:

  • Avoid speeding or creating wash so that marine life, wildlife and habitat are not disturbed.
  • Use the recycling facilities and do not throw rubbish overboard.
  • Use the shore facilities whenever possible to avoid causing water pollution from sea toilets.
  • On your berth, avoid revving engines and secure halyards.
  • Please be economical with water usage.
  • Take care when maintaining ashore, clean up carefully after essential jobs such as anti-fouling and investigate new products on the market that are less harmful to the environment.

View LHB’s Environmental Policy

View the Littlehampton Port Waste Management Plan 2021

View the Littlehampton Oil Spill Contingency Plan 2022 (redacted version)

Further environmental guidance is available from the ‘Green Blue’ initiative set up by the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine Federation