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Harbour Board

Littlehampton Harbour is a Trust Port governed by the Littlehampton Harbour Board. The Board consists of 11 members appointed as follows:

Current list of Board Members


Mr Philip Bush (Chairman)                                        Recreational Users Representative

Councillor Roger Elkins (Vice Chairman)               Arun District Council

Councillor Mike Clayden                                             Arun District Council

Councillor George Blampied                                      Arun District Council

Mr Tony Squires                                                           appointed by Arun District Council

Councillor Nigel Peters                                               West Sussex County Council

Councillor Janet Mockridge                                       West Sussex County Council

Councillor Dr James Walsh                                        West Sussex County Council

Councillor Ian Buckland                                              West Sussex County Council

Mr Matthew Marchant                                                 Commercial Users Representative

Mr Richard O’Callaghan                                              Environment Agency



Billy Johnson             Harbour Master / Pilot

Lee Harrison              Deputy Harbour Master / Pilot

Sue Simpson               Clerk to the Harbour Board

Chris Braby                 Treasurer

Kerrie Whitley            Accounts and Administration Officer

John Jones                  Foreman / Pilot

Ivan Greer                   Harbour Operations Assistant

Pocho Pochev             Harbour Operations Assistant