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Scrubbing Dock

Littlehampton Harbour Board maintains a Scrubbing Dock on the east bank just south of the footbridge which is available for anti-fouling and light maintenance of vessels over low tide. The dock has two areas:

  1. Scrubbing Blocks: Shorter (<7m) shallower drafted craft. Particularly suited to those with flatter keels. The blocks are on the same level and just cover with water on a 4.6m tide so please ensure height of tide is sufficient to get your vessel onto the blocks. (Clearance under keel on blocks = height of tide minus draft of vessel minus 4.6m)
  2. Scrubbing Piles: Medium sized (7-13m) and deeper drafted vessels. This area is sloped – click here for a site layout.
  3. Fisherman’s Hard: Longer (>13m) vessels may be accommodated out of season at Fisherman’s Hard adjacent to the public slipway by prior arrangement with the Harbour Master



Click Here for Prices and Terms and Conditions of Use

All vessels using the scrubbing piles do so at the sole risk of the Owner / Master.  Any associated gear and equipment used or left at the scrubbing piles or vessels using the scrubbing piles remains the sole responsibility of the Owner / Master.

Harbour Staff accept no responsibility for works carried out by the Owner / Master at Bridge Hard and any such works that are carried out must comply with all relevant ports and environmental legislation as well as any Directions issued by the Harbour Authority.

Owners / masters are required to ensure that their vessels, personnel and / or property are adequately insured against all risks and that adequate third party liability insurance is in place for any damage caused to other vessels, persons or property whilst on or about the scrubbing piles at Bridge Hard.

It is highly recommended to take advice from the Harbour Master on the best date and time to arrive and leave at the dock based on your vessel’s proportions.