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Jetski / PWC (Personal Watercraft) Users

Jet skis or Personal Watercraft (PWC) are welcome in Littlehampton Harbour.  We acknowledge that the majority of PWC users conduct themselves in a responsible manner with due regard to the principles of good seamanship.  It is accepted that suitably experienced and trained PWC users pose a minimal risk to themselves and other water users.  However, it is also acknowledged that some degree of management is required particularly in response to a minority of negligent and potentially dangerous users.  Because of this, and in response to issues raised by stakeholders, all Jetskis/PWCs launching in the harbour must: 

  1. Register their craft with the Harbour Office (Data Tag number and photograph or details of make, model and colour)
  2. Provide evidence of an RYA training course
  3. Purchase Annual Harbour Dues – day launching is not permitted
  4. Receive a local safety briefing from the Harbour Manager or Deputy
  5. Provide evidence of at least 3rd party insurance
  6. Obey all Harbour Byelaws, Directions & Collision Regulations, ensuring they navigate and manoeuvre in a safe and courteous manner

PWC users are reminded to monitor their wash and adhere to the 6½  kts speed limit when inside the harbour.  Once outside of the harbour, powered craft must not approach the beach.

By purchasing Harbour Dues you are agreeing to these conditions.

Personal Watercraft Partnership

If you would like to get involved in the management of safe and inclusive use of PWCs in Littlehampton Harbour, please get in touch. Littlehampton Harbour Board and the national Personal Watercraft Partnership are looking to set up a club for Littlehampton.

Fly Boarding and Hover Boarding

Flyboards have been operating in the harbour for a number of years now.  The use of Flyboards is only permitted with prior consent from the Harbour Master and all users much first receive a safety briefing from the Harbour Master or Deputy.

Useful links

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Looking after the environment, The PWC Green Blue Policy