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Bunkering and Maintenance

The LHB is committed to working closely with all harbour users to ensure that pollution risks associated with bunkering and maintenance are mitigated as far as possible, and that any spillages which do occur are dealt-with promptly and effectively.

For more information, view our Bunkering Policy available here.

In order to ensure safe, clean operations:

  • The LHB requires merchant ship owners and/or charterers to provide the Harbour Office with advance notice of any bunkering or maintenance operations proposed whilst the vessel is berthed in Littlehampton
  • The LHB requires merchant ship owners and/or charterers to ensure that a bunkering risk assessment is completed and signed by representatives from the ship and from the fuel-supplying company before bunkering commences. Ships are encouraged to use the LHB bunkering check-list but alternative checklists are acceptable providing that they specify equally rigorous standards
  • The LHB operations team may choose to observe operations, and to request a copy of the completed check-list
  • Any spillages during bunkering or other operations must be immediately reported to the Harbour Master or Deputy