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Harbour Dues and Other Payments

If you already have an invoice, you can pay it online through our fast and secure portal here.

Otherwise, the following guidance for paying for harbour dues and other LHB services applies to :

  1. Visiting or day-launching craft
  2. Existing craft already registered with LHB
  3. New resident, regulars or longer-term visiting craft or owners


1. Visiting or day launching craftHarbour dues must be paid  for all craft using the harbour; this includes both craft visiting from sea or launching from within the harbour even if going directly out to sea. If visiting vessels are arriving to a pre-booked Littlehampton Harbour Board visitor mooring, dues can be settled at the office after arrival when paying mooring fees. In all other cases, harbour dues must be paid in advance of entering or launching. Daily harbour dues are currently £12.28 for pleasure craft under 11m long and £15.02 for pleasure craft of 11m and over. They can be paid online via PayPal below, at the Harbour Office or by telephone on 01903 721 215. Multiple consecutive or non-consecutive days can be purchased at once but please check our schedule of charges here to make sure it is not cheaper for you to pay at the monthly or annual rate. However, please note that past payments falling within the same month or year can not be used in credit against a subsequent monthly or annual harbour dues invoice.  Jetskis/Personal Water Craft (PWC) may only pay harbour dues at the annual rate after formally registering with LHB – click here for further information.

Craft type
Craft name
Date(s) of visits


2. Existing craft already registered with LHB: Please come into the office in person, telephone 01903 721 215 or email if you need to discuss your renewal or are seeking other services. If you already have an invoice, you can pay it online through our fast and secure portal here.


3. New resident, regulars or longer-term craft or owners: Please resister your craft and contact details using the form below, by visiting the office or by calling us on 01903 721 215. Harbour Dues must be paid before your vessel is launched onto the water or enters the harbour. The cost of annual harbour dues for pleasure craft for the year from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019 is:

  • £74.68 for vessels under 5m in length (including jet-skis/PWC)
  • £149.99 for vessels between 5.01m and 8m in length
  • £222.67  for vessels between 8.01m and 11m in length
  • £297.31 for vessels over 11m in length

Further  information including the alternative monthly rate, rates for charter vessels and all other LHB fees and services can be found here. Please note the cost of annual harbour dues cannot be charged pro rata. Once annual harbour dues are paid, you will then be issued a plaque sticker which must be displayed on the port quarter of your vessel (i.e. on the left hand side as far back on the vessel as practical).