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The harbour is used for the import of bulk material associated with local asphalt production. Vessels up to a length of 79 metres overall can be accommodated and other cargoes may be accepted by arrangement of the wharf operator.

The Littlehampton Harbour Board is a competent Harbour Authority and under the Pilotage Act 1987.

Pilotage is compulsory for:

  • Vessels over 60GT (gross tonnes) and over;
  • Vessels carrying more than 12 passengers when greater than or equal to 20m in length;
  • Any vessel engaged in towing or pushing another where combined tonnage exceeds 60GT;
  • Any vessel greater than or equal to 20m length suffering from a defect or deficiency that effects
    its normal ability to navigate and/or manoeuvre or its ability to comply with the requirements of
    the COLREGS and/or STCW.

Please follow the link for a full copy of the Littlehampton PILOTAGE DIRECTIONS.

Vessels should notify the requirement for a Pilot at least 24 hours prior to arrival.  Items required prior to acceptance includes, crew list, copy of waste certificate and ship’s information proforma.

The boarding and landing of pilots is under taken by the Board’s Pilot Boat ‘ERICA’ which is a blue hulled multi-purpose workboat (displaying pilotage lights and marked PILOT when operating), and takes place 1nm south south east of the main entrance.

It is the responsibility of the Master to inform the Pilot of the ship’s length, draft, beam and any defects that may affect the operation of the craft.

ERICA will then lead the craft into harbour ensuring that the channel is clear of any other craft.  The ERICA can also assist the ships coming alongside and harbour staff will act as berthing crew.

Charges are found in the Schedule of Charges

Insurance Requirements: all vessels should hold appropriate third party insurance cover while visiting the Littlehampton Harbour.