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Ludo is on the last leg of his circumnavigation of the UK and enjoyed and evening in Littlehampton on Monday 9th July

Sailing around Britain in a 16 foot dinghy, Ludo will be undertaking a marathon sailing challenge to raise over £100,000 for two major charities, sailing in some of the busiest inland waters covering over 2500 miles. Starting on Saturday April 28th means the longer legs in Scotland are sailed during the longest days of the year.

This has never been done before in a two handed dinghy- it is extremely difficult. Ludo is looking to break two world records- for the youngest person to sail a dinghy around the UK in the shortest time. Dangers lie in the shifting wind, the currents around Ireland, the tides and the waves. Unlike a yacht the dinghy can capsize.

Starting from Cowes- following a clockwise route using the prevailing winds the challenge will take in every UK country including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There will be a full support team travelling in tandem to ensure Ludo is safe throughout the journey.