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Tide Times and Swell Conditions

Annual tide tables are found in the LHB facilities and local services guide – Pick up a copy at the Harbour Office

The controlling depth for the harbour is the level of the Littlehampton entrance bar which extends 600 metres southwards from the end of the West Pier and is 0.9 metres above chart datum. The depth of water covering the bar can be calculated by subtracting 0.9 metres from the height of water indicated on the tide boards situated within the harbour.  It also important to factor in real time swell conditions when deciding on an under keel clearance.

Realtime tidal observations are provided at the Arun Platform situated off Littlehampton beach and maintained by the Channel Coast Observatory.


Alternatively consult the Hydrographic Office’s on-line tidal prediction for Littlehampton at  Remember to take account of the bar, your vessel draught and under-keel clearance when calculating your time of entry or departure.