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The boat "Trinity" entering the Littlehampton Harbour.

Ship Movements

All ships over 60 gross tonnes or 20m in length carrying more than 12 passengers entering the harbour take a pilot on board 1 nautical mile due south of the west pier. The pilot cutter precedes the vessel into the harbour.

During the act of pilotage the harbour is closed to all other vessel movements. The Pilot will transmit a Securite message on VHF CH 16 inviting mariners to go to channel the harbour working VHF CH71 . An announcement on VHF 71 is also made by the pilot when the harbour is re-opened.

Whilst all ships are required to have a pilot on board, the pilot is not in command of the vessel. This responsibility remains with the Captain of the vessel. The pilot is there to advise the Captain so that the ship navigates safely into the harbour.

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