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PC users

Note: Unfortunately  there is current an intermittent fault affecting the streaming of harbour cameras via the website or other external apps. We are working to make the online feed more reliable and hope to have it resolved by the end of July. Please note the live feed and recording of CCTV via the Harbour Office is functioning correctly.

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Please Note: CCTV viewing in your computer’s web browser is now only possible in Internet Explorer (i.e. not Chrome, Firefox or other browsers).¬†
If using Internet Explorer:
FIRST TIME VIEWER – First time users click here to download the VLC player and install the web plugin (at least) then use stream address links below

Select camera using buttons below:



  1. Download iSpy CCTV viewing software
  2. Open the downloaded folder and click on iSpy setup to install. Keep clicking next/accept/finish to complete the installation.
  3. Download this .zip file
  4. Extract and open the file within – it will open in iSpy giving you access to our cameras
  5. Copy that file to your desktop to act as a shortcut for future use