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The river arun and look and sea cafe

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a first time visiting yacht to Littlehampton Harbour. When is it best to arrive?

A. On a first visit to Littlehampton Harbour it’s best to arrive from High Water -2 to +1 hour. The visiting sailor should be aware that the spring ebb stream can reach up to 5 knots. From 1½ hours before until 4 hours after High Water a westerly stream runs across the harbour entrance.

Q. How much water is over the bar?

A. The level of the Littlehampton bar which extends 600 metres southwards from the end of the West Pier is 0.9 metres above chart datum. The depth of water covering the bar can be calculated by subtracting 0.9 metres from the height of water indicated on the tide boards situated within the harbour. Alternatively consult the Hydrographic Office’s on-line tidal prediction for Littlehampton at Easytide website and take account of the bar, your vessel draft and under-keel clearance when calculating your time of entry or departure.

Q. When does the footbridge open?

A. A retractable footbridge, 3.6m clearance at Mean High Water Springs (MHWS is 5.9m at Littlehampton) gives access for masted craft north of the footbridge and to Littlehampton Marina. It is opened by request to the Harbour Office before 16:30 the previous day.

Questions to the Littlehampton Harbour Board

In general harbour staff will aim to answer any questions you might have.  However, if you have a question that you would like to ask the Board please do so by writing to the Clerk to the Harbour Board at the Harbour Office.

Details on the Board’s policy for public Questions can be found at the link.

A record of previous questions and their answers can be found here.