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COVID-19 Guidance

Updated 4th November 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the evening of 31st October, we wish to provide harbour users with an update on our current understanding of the implications for owners of moored vessels, commercial users, and visitors to Littlehampton Harbour.

Like all businesses, the Littlehampton Harbour Board is committed to protecting its staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government has advised that from Thursday 5th November, people will only be allowed to leave their home for very limited purposes:

  • for education;
  • for medical reasons;
  • for work, if you cannot work from home;
  • to shop for food and essentials;
  • for exercise and recreation outdoors;
  • to care for others.

Through the British Ports Association, British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association, we are urgently seeking clarification on the Governments definition of “recreation outdoors”. In the meantime, we can confirm that based on our current understanding of the guidance, the following will apply from Thursday 5 th November:

  • The Harbour Office and Littlehampton Harbour Board’s Visitor Moorings remain closed. You can contact us via, 01903 721 215 or VHF 71.
  • Overnight stays away from a person’s primary place of residence are not permitted except in the limited circumstances published by Government.
  • With the approval of their mooring operator, mooring licence holders may periodically undertake checks of their vessels, lines and fendering arrangements to a degree reasonably necessary to safeguard their vessel. Such checks should be kept to a reasonable minimum and comply with Government guidance on COVID-19, including social distancing, at all times.
  • Commercial boat movements may continue, subject to operators working in compliance with Government ‘COVID-Secure’ guidance.
  • The Public Slipway remains open until further notice. Anyone using it should be prepared to demonstrate compliance with the national restrictions. Please check operator policies before travelling to private slipways elsewhere in the harbour.

This guidance may be changed once the Government provides a more complete definition of “recreation outdoors”. An update will be provided as soon as more information becomes available.

The measures put in place by the Government during this restricted period require people to stay at home – except for limited purposes. Going out on the water may fit within the Government’s criteria for travel or exercise, however, attending public areas, slipways, marinas where other people are likely to be still poses a risk of spreading the virus. At the same time, every vessel that gets into trouble causes unnecessary contact with waterborne emergency rescue agencies which puts more people at risk and increases the strain on our emergency services. I would urge you to bear this in mind before getting out on the water during this period.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Best wishes and please stay safe.

Please see for further guidance